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Collections Management Mandate

What We Collect

The Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre collects objects that are of historic and/or cultural relevance to the cultures, peoples, and places associated with the area governed by the Town of Lincoln.

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Museum artifact
Museum artifact

Preserving History for Our Future

01Permanent Collection

The Museum’s Permanent Collection consists of objects reflecting the history of the progression of the Town of Lincoln, with particular emphasis on the Twenty Mile Creek area, and early settlement by Pennsylvania German Mennonite families. Notable objects within the collection include a painting by Group of Seven artist A.J. Casson and a collection of Fraktur folk art.

Museum artifact
Museum artifact

Special Collection

02Troup Collection

Within the Museum’s Permanent Collection there is a special collection known as the W.E. Troup Collection. This collection includes objects of local relevance dated between 1800-1920, many of which have provenance directly related to the early Pennsylvania German settlers of the Twenty Mile Creek.

Museum volunteers examining artifacts
Museum volunteers examining artifacts

Hands on History

03Education Collection

The Museum also keeps an Education Collection that includes objects which are actively handled by interpretive staff and the public to enhance programming and public engagement. These objects are used by staff to engage the public through programs that explore memory and history.

Bucks County Fraktur book
Bucks County Fraktur book

Resources for Research

04Research Collection

The Museum’s Reference Library is a collection of books, articles, and documents that contribute to the understanding of local and regional history. The purpose of this collection is to enhance our understanding of objects in the Museum’s collections, exhibition content, and public research. The collection may be used by staff and public researchers; however, this is not a lending library and reference items must always remain on site.

Conducting Research of Your Own?


The Museum welcomes those interested in conducting research with our objects or reference library. Researchers must book a time in advance, complete a Research Application, and provide a valid photo ID.

Research Form (by Public)

For research done by you with our collections.

Research Form (for Public)

For research done for you with our collections.

For those interested in having research conducted on their behalf, the museum charges a fee for staff time. Payment must be made in advance before research is conducted. Fees are charged regardless of the success of the research.


Research by Staff – includes scans of materials found in digital format


Digital Images of Photographed Collection Objects – high quality picture of one of our previously scanned or photographed objects sent to you digitally.


Digital Images of Collection Objects of Collection Objects that have not been Previously Photographed  – high quality picture of photographed objects sent to you digitally.


Reproduction Fees: Archival scanning of your paper objects. Oversized prints or scanning on archival scanner will depend on the cost associated with production.

Looking to donate an object to the collection?

Object Donations

The Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre accepts donations of objects on a case-by-case basis. Accepted objects must meet the criteria set out by the Museum’s Collection Management Policy, which was approved by the Town of Lincoln Council in 2020.

Make a Donation

The Donation Process

  1. Contact the museum to see if your donation is a good fit for our collection.
  2. If it meets our criteria, the object(s) might first be taken in on a temporary basis while the necessary paperwork is reviewed and completed.
  3. The Exhibitions and Collections Curator will review the offer, and if approved, the proposed donation will be accepted.
  4. You will be sent the final paperwork which will complete the transfer of ownership to the Lincoln Museum and Cultural Centre.
  5. The object(s) will be documented and preserved for the enjoyment and education of the public.

Criteria for Donations

The museum will consider accepting objects that:

  • Have documented provenance (history of use and ownership).
  • Are related to the geographical area encompassed by the Town of Lincoln.
  • Are unique or are not already represented in our collection (duplicates).

We cannot accept objects:

  • To appraise, authenticate, or identify.
  • If we can not acquire clear and unrestricted title.
  • If it is a hazardous or dangerous object.
  • If it violates municipal, provincial, or federal law.